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Planning for things in life is very essential and an extremely important tool that is required to achieve success in life. You may call planning and disciplines to be the life tools which you keep using all through the different phases of your life.

Foreseeing things and planning for the future doesn’t come to all. Most people cultivate this habit over the years. So it comes with age. Don’t they say that life is a constant stage of learning lessons? It is very true. With every day and every moment we are learning lessons and changing ourselves. Change is the only constant factor in time.

While you were young, it is quite probable that you might not have thought of what you wanted to become and hence never planned for things. But due to some good luck you must have chanced upon a good education and discovered your passion for a particular field or subject somewhere during your college days. Suddenly you realize that you have clarity of thought on what you want to become and then onwards you plan for your education as well as for your professional career.

Similarly most people do not plan to get married. There is a need felt somewhere and a tugging at the corner of the heart but only when one meets another person that you fall in love with does it dawn on your that you wish to marry and build your home and family with this person.

It is fine not to have forethought and planning until this stage. But going forward you should realize that you are not alone. Now you have additional responsibilities and your role has extended to being the husband, being the father and many more roles too with your extended family. As a family man, you have got to think and plan for every need for today and tomorrow.

Slowly you learn the art of financial planning and budgeting. You plan for home, you plan for your career to increase your earnings and you also plan for insurance and retirement too. Besides you have got to plan for children’s education, holidays, vehicle and many more things.

Life you realize is nothing but planning and managing things with discipline. Most people become adept at planning for their future in terms of finances and retirement. But many fail to plan for themselves and to live a meaningful life. Let us see what this means. As you get into your forties, you will realize that you have entered another phase in life. One day you will suddenly realize that you are no longer able to have the same energy through out the day as you had earlier and feel tired. You start noticing that you are unable to play basketball with your kids for long period. You prefer staying indoors and watching TV rather than go out swimming or cycling with your boys.

Well this is the time that you have got to get focused on planning for your next phase of life where physical health should become your priority, so that you are able to maintain a good health through out your later years. To be able to have a disease free and problem free old age you have got to work towards it now.

This is the crucial time when you have got to start regulating your diet and taking nutrition supplements as well as multi vitamins to sustain good health. Coupled with this you have got to change your lifestyle, reduce drinking, binging on fast food and partying. Home cooked meals coupled with lots of greens and salads should give you plenty of energy and keep your cholesterol levels low. You need to increase and regularly exercise every day. There are two important things that you need to watch out for and preventive care does help. Watch out for diabetes which can be a silent killer and turn your life upside down. By walking, reducing sugar intake and changing your diet you can prevent diabetes with doctor’s help. Second most common thing that you have got to be alert and watchful is to look out for signs of erectile dysfunction. If you happen to face this problem due to lack of blood circulation to the penis, it is better to seek medical prescription from the doctor who will advise a course of Cialis. Cialis helps increase the blood flow and cure you of the ED. This is something that most people miss out. However having normal sexual drive and enjoying an intimate physical relationship at this stage is very important for your wellbeing as well as that of your spouse.

Sit down and think about where you are today and whether you need to re look at the priorities of your life. Remember Life is a journey and not a destination. Make it worthwhile for you and for your wife too.


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